1. Personal iPhone Attendent

The first trend we are absolutely here for is brides hiring/designating someone to document their wedding day on their own iPhone! We’ve heard over and over again how brides wish they had content on their phones to look at the morning after their wedding. Because brides are typically busy bees on their wedding days, they forget to capture their day on their own phones and are then left with nothing to look at the day after! By hiring or designating someone to document their entire day on their phones, brides are able to relive their most special day while waiting for their professional photographs,

2. Spending the Morning Together

Getting ready together on the morning of your wedding might just be the most intimate way to start the rest of your lives. We have been seeing more and more couples chose to get ready with each other on the morning of their wedding instead of waiting for the traditional first look. Can you think of anything sweeter than waking up next to your sweetheart on the day of your wedding?

3. Smaller Celebrations

More intimate weddings with 50 or fewer guests have become much more common since the COVID-19 pandemic. When mandates and emergency plans rolled out in early 2020, many couples had to cut their guest lists in half to follow new rules but these shorter guest lists have not gone away. Couples have found smaller and more intimate guest lists to be much more attractive than inviting 150-300 of their “closest” friends and family.

4. Tossing Traditions

It’s been so fun to see our couples getting rid of “traditional” wedding activities and coming up with their own! Your wedding is YOURS and should include only what you want to do. If you don’t want to toss your bouquet, don’t! There are so many unique things to do with your bouquet after your wedding instead of tossing it to someone else. What non-traditional activity will you be including in your Big Day?

5. Interactive Guest Book

We recently came across the company After the Tone thanks to one of our coolest brides, Adriana! After the Tone takes vintage phones and turns them into recording devices that can be used to replace guest books at weddings or any other events. Guests simply pick up the phone and record a message for the Bride and Groom to listen back on for years to come! The days of photo booths and polaroid guest books are officially over!

6. Reverse-Destination Themes

Love the idea of a destination wedding but not the price? This is a great idea for you! Instead of traditional wedding décor, focus your décor theme on imitating your favorite destination. Reverse-destination themes can be as simple or extravagant as you want. Think about bringing in a small sand box if you love the beach or just a cut out of the Eiffel Tower if you love Paris. We are loving the idea of bringing your dream destination to your guests!

7. Elopements

Last but not least, ELOPEMENTS! If you know us, you know we love elopements and are so happy they are becoming more popular. When most people think of eloping they imagine a couple running away in secret. We are here to say that this is the furthest from the truth! Elopements can be whatever you want them to be. They can even involve up to 30 of your loved ones! If you have any interest in eloping, check out Elope West where we make your dreamiest ideas come to life!

with love,
Kari Boyum